Blog Purpose and Brief Bio

Purpose:  A personal blog can meet various needs.  It is an opportunity to share opinions with the world or to attempt to connect with others having similar interests to provide information and insight.  Purpose is always critical because it becomes the motive behind an effort.  It generates energy and sets the course.

The purpose for known as resilient actions has changed since its inception several years ago.  It began as an effort to share personal thoughts and to define a philosophy.  Over time it has increasingly focused on Second Amendment issues and similar matters because I see them as prisms aiding an effort to understand competing cultures.  The search has been for actions and activities that underlie resilient rural culture and its manifestation in rural communities.  From experience, I have found it takes time to research, write and present an article, normally a month or so.

Therefore, the first rule of new content to develop interest is seldom met. To date our odometer shows just over 70,000 and we have something in excess of 3,000 registrants.  These statistics do not, however, provide the rationale for the blog.  Our purpose is not to monetize but to engage in dialogue and unfortunately we receive very little written response.

Increasingly the blog it will provide a discussion about specific books and their relationship to a rural setting and culture.  We are very interested in values and how they are applied, and will consider books in terms of whether their recommendations provide insights about resilient actions.

Theresa and John

Bio:  I am John. My wife Theresa and I live near Keno, Oregon. I have worked as a public manager for about 4 decades and am now out to pasture (so to speak).  I fly my Piper PA 28-151, N44318 and my drone Eagle Public, practice my marksmanship at the range, write a bit on the blog, read non fiction, and try to support my wife with her real estate practice.

My family’s background since before 1700 until about 1900 is from New Jersey, Virginia and Tennessee and Southern Germany/Switzerland. For the last 100+ years, my family has lived in Central California, near Sequoia National Forest working as teachers, local politicians, public servants, cattle ranchers and cotton farmers.

We take pride in something of a military tradition in our family starting with the Revolution (Virginia Militia at Yorktown) and subsequently in the War of 1812 (Tennessee Militia), Civil War (5th Tenn. Cav -CSA), a hiatus for the Spanish American War and WWI, but resuming with WWII (Army Air Corps Pacific Theater), Korea (US Army), Vietnam (US Air Force and US Army), and Bosnia (US Army), Iraq War (US Air Force and US Army) and Afghanistan (US Air Force).

As of late we have scattered across the Earth. Some family live near the Sierras and further north, the Cascades, but others live across the Gabilan Range of Mountains around Monterey Bay and  in other American states and foreign countries. Unfortunately, we very seldom have Thanksgiving around a single table.

My academic background is in political science (public administration and public law) BA Honors (San Jose State) and MA (UC Davis), while my vocation was a city manager for 32 years in California and a short encore vocation as a airport manager in California and Oregon.

Regarding avocation, I have worked as a community-based volunteer, most extensively for the Civil Air Patrol (US Air Force Auxiliary) where I have served in the cadet program and emergency services  for more than 20 years and as a unit, group, wing commander and an interim region commander.

Along with family, school, work and service, my efforts have involved aviation becoming a private pilot with more than 1,000 hours, a remote pilot for the UAS Eagle Public.  I am also a credentialed manager with the ICMA, and a certified rifle instructor and chief range safety officer through NRA.  This is pretty much my universe.

This background invests a perspective on the direction of our nation.  The approach is intended to be analytical in the context of a robust and resilient, rural American culture.

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