Thanksgiving . . . The Best


The annual family selfie


It is a holiday.  We do not want focus on that serious stuff for a day?  Today I started with a little internet work, trying to develop a solution set for defining where the NJ-Virginia-Tenn Longley line goes before 1703.  My Y-chromosome test says I have a common ancestor 8 – 12 generations back to the progeny of Pilgrims.  It is not entirely clear, but something to investigate a bit more.  It is an obsessive endeavor of mine recently.

We feasted with Sierra and Marissa.  They are great kids working for a future in Klamath Falls.  The day has been crisp.  It is 7:30PM now and the thermometer is around 27 degrees and is projected to go to 18 degrees.  We have a nice fire, so the house stays pretty warm.




Before Thanksgiving dinner, we did some wood chopping.  Sierra bought some rounds that are pretty large, so we scored them with a chainsaw, and then used an awl to break them apart.  We had good production.  It builds the upper body and helps to get the swing down so the mark can be hit consistently.  We started a competition to see if we could do it in one or two wacks.  Three wacks and you are out, someone else gets a shot.  It is fun to strut around demonstrating upper body strength.  Sierra did a good job and cut some pretty large wood with one or two wacks.  For an old guy, I believe I held my own.  I want to challenge any of you next year to three wacks and you are out.

Dinner was great.  We had a ham deliciously cooked by Theresa, Marissa did chili beans that were excellent.  Theresa cooked up some green beans.  All in all, it was just an excellent repast.

The purpose of this post is not to search for an enduring truth, but instead to point out that fellowship with family and friends, a little exercise, and a great meal is pretty much the best our world has to offer.  We can only do it on occasion, but when it comes together, it is the BEST.

An Excellent Trip to Jack

It is a beautiful day so I decide let’s visit Jack.  Earlier I had learned through a presentation at the morning Rotary the best alignment for solar is about 165 degrees magnetic. I wanted to check it out.  I put Bear and Sidney in the Jeep and we headed North.

Oak and Sidney

I pulled into the camp area and oriented the future building on the ground.  The canopy could sit just right, facing south west and next to a big beautiful cedar tree.  I checked beyond the camp and saw that the oak, that looked so dead a few weeks ago, was erupting into leaves.  Sidney was just beyond the oak.  He is normally pretty good, but not so at Jack.  He must love the place for once he is let out of the Jeep he cannot easily be retrieved.  I blow my whistle and then call him by name.  He often returns, but keeps his distance.  When I ask him to enter the Jeep, he turns his back and ignores me.  This is different.  Normally we have very collaborative discussions.  The only thing that works is to drive away and he will trail behind apparently not wanting to be abandoned.  He is reluctant to be caught and when the gate at the rear of the Jeep is opened, he falls to the ground a limp body demonstrating his civil disobedience to leaving Jack.


Heading home along the road I come across a beautiful field of lupin.  They reminded me of the Southern Sierra’s and the Diablos in Central California.  This is a beautiful season in the Cascades and a portion of the flora and fauna are similar to my sweet memories from the southern mountains.




A short distance further down the road blocking my path is a snake.  Is it a rattler?  If so, it would be the first I have seen in Oregon.  No it isn’t.  Is it a Gopher Snake, or a Garter Snake, A Pine, or a Water snake?  You may know.


Another half a mile passes and I have a choice.  I can return to Camp Day and home, or visit the Klamath River Gorge.  It is a short distance and is a stunning view as the river flows west towards the Pacific.  Theresa and I had tried to visit earlier, but our path was blocked by large, scary mud holes.  There is no such problem now.  The river, I am told, is good trout fishing.  The only problem is that the season ends in the middle of June.  I won’t be able to try it this year.


It took just a few minutes to return home from the Klamath River.  It is meal time and the dogs are eager to eat.  There has recently been a problem with Bear eating.  That was not the case this evening.  We added some graded cheese and Bear with Bella nearby dug in.

All in all, it was a beautiful day and an excellent visit to Jack.  Hopefully one of the first of many, many to come.  Jack, a warm spring day, happy dogs are great — family would make it perfect.